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Our Products


Connects Industry and Academia

  • Our Trademarked software, TechBridge is a cutting-edge tool to give learners a little extra something to enable them to succeed.
  • Bridge courses have been created by WriteIT, whose expertise in technology-driven curriculum has been well-established in India, in collaboration with training specialists from North America.
  • True to its name, these courses aim to act as a bridge between learning and its applications through workshops and other ‘hands-on’ training sessions.
  • These value added courses significantly improve the learner’s understanding and fortify his/ her learning takeaways.
  • As they are supplementary to the learning process, they do not interfere with the key learning that takes place as part of their semester modules, and at the same time, enhance the quality of the education.

Rewiring The Wetware®

Aligns Instructional Design, Strategy & Thinking

  • The Wetware, the most significant part of our entire body is constantly changing, building new connections, re-establishing old ones, synthesising, memorising, discarding, hiding, uncovering, and storing old ones, synthesising, memorising, discarding, hiding, uncovering, and storing.
  • As part of our experience in creating stimulating learning modules and courses, we are constantly forging new pathways to learning, and thereby, reinventing ourselves.
  • As part of our learning laboratory sessions, we experiment with the new and bold of instructional design strategies, and offer this as a product to different industries to help people think, carry out activities and projects with a different perspective and line of thinking.
  • In summary, we are rewiring and amplifying the wetware that is the seat of your cognitive existence.