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About Us

Who we are

We are a technologically-innovative, dynamic content company that delivers strategically structured learning solutions.

The Journey

On our tenth anniversary, we looked back to see the road we’ve traversed to get to where we are, and the associations we hold. We strive hard for the clients who have helped us grow, our wonderful team who have qualitatively magnified the work we do, and the ecosystem that supports us. We believe that are what we write, and as part of a fully distributed organisation, we value productivity and results over quantitative timesheet- clocking, while bringing in a wonderful sense of balance that is so freeing.


Our creative team endeavours a collaborative approach towards all things writing and learning, providing our clients with timely, customised, and quality deliverables that add value to what they do. We’re a happy, independent organisation that is built on trust from the ground up. We believe in investing in learning and knowledge, and work towards making learning accessible and effective to the learners. We constantly persevere to churn out the best and most resourceful content that is instrumental in providing constructive knowledge to learners across the world.


Our dispersed cloud-based infrastructure enables us to think beyond geographies, confined brick-and-mortar concepts, and the arduous commute to and from an office. Instead, we focus on quality work, from the comfort of our living rooms. Our variety of learning modules, whether it’s ILT (Instructor-led training), E-learning, Game-based craft, or Blended learning, our solutions are innovative and fit your checklist through and through. Catering to a large base of industries, we understand your needs and ensure we go to all lengths to bring to your table exactly what we promised you.

Road Map

We have steadily grown over the decade, encouraging professional women to create an impact in their fields of expertise. Equality and fair practice are first nature to us, and we are constantly bringing in new cross-functional talents to the forefront. As innovators and wordsmiths, we are always looking for ways to grow and learn, while constantly raising the bar for ourselves.

Our Leadership

Our Team



Senior Content Author

A meticulous executioner, we often refer to Anandhi as someone we can always rely on. Being the first employee of Write IT, Anandhi holds a special position in our team. With a Master’s in Biological Sciences, her interests and work is varied and diverse. She’s always up for learning and highly passionate about what she does. Her ambitious and steadfast nature produces unique ideas that seem to come so naturally to her. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help achieve the goals of the organisation as a whole. The standards she sets for herself and the rest of the organisation are high, and she constantly challenges the status quo with her willingness to grow and adapt.



Senior Content Author

Wielding humour as a powerful tool, Anu has all of us spellbound with her wit and satire. Holding a Master’s degree in Mass Communication, her content oozes of lovely expressions as do her eyes when she dances. Her witty one-liners and comebacks always leave us at a loss for words. She possesses a keen eye for visual aids for enhancing the learning. Her learner-centric perspective brings a much-needed freshness to content authoring, which makes the deliverables much more effective and relevant to the learners.



Creative Writer

With a Master’s degree in Creative Writing, Aprajitha is a wordsmith and a grammarist by any definition. With her writing spanning across genres, including non-fiction and scriptwriting, she is constantly on the lookout for new ideas and topics to write about. An avid traveller and photographer, she loves exploring new cultures and doesn’t shy away from adventures. When she’s not writing content or lost in her dreamland, she is busy with her Labrador son, Loki, who true to his name is the Lord of Mischief.



Technical Author

Divya is, without a doubt, an incredible asset to the team. Committed, focussed, and driven are some of the many adjectives that describe her aptly. Consistently churning out high quality deliverables on time has been a ‘setting-the-bar-high’ quality that Divya constantly expresses and her peers long to imbibe. She is a full-on techie, driven by technologically inspiring projects, who never misses an opportunity to learn. She’s also a spectacular singer, and people are always spellbound when they listen to her mellifluous voice.


Nalini Sriram

Senior Instructional Designer

Nalini, the powerhouse of productivity and dedication, is someone we heavily rely on, and someone who has never let us down. Her solutions are incredibly creative and effective. As a subject matter expert with a Master’s in Biological Sciences, she constantly pushes herself and her team to strive for perfection. Though demure by nature, she is a favourite among clients and the team alike.


Neetu Sugandh

Instructional Designer

The author of two books, Neetu is a bundle of positivity, abundance, and happiness. An excellent Instructional Designer, communicator, and a corporate trainer; Neetu is always bubbling with energy on and off the mic. Famous for her amazing (metaphorical) mic drops, she is a hit among all her trainees and anybody she interacts with. She is currently working on a movie-like novel, which is said to hit the stores soon!



Manager, Instructional Design

An empath, Saranya takes great steps in building and nurturing relationships with her colleagues and clients through her professional and ethical conduct. That she extends the same conduct towards her team members makes her a favourite among everybody. A firm believer in ‘win-win’ situations, she shows remarkable patience and dedication as she strives to listen to everybody’s opinion and bring everyone on board with their suggestions and recommendations. Her attempts always DO succeed and earn her the respect among her peers. She is the perfect mix of right-brain-left-brain grey matter that any organisation needs.


Senior Content Author



Manager, Technology