Peace with Work

     With everything that goes on around us everyday- client commitments, deadlines and the like. We don’t always take the time to ask our colleagues how they’re doing. But at WriteIT, we believe in open dialogues (rants are more than welcome). Having done away with the traditional brick & mortar office concept, we are always literally and figuratively floating on the cloud. Mrs. Anuradha, one of our best Content Authors opens up about how we learn to exist among chaos, because of the backing of a strong team. This is how she finds peace with work:

“Working is chaotic. Working from home expands the boundaries of the chaos theory.

You are not able to track the hours spent on each project over a period. When you are ‘forwarded’ client’s review mails, the question of ‘what do I NEED TO DO now?’ pops up in your mind. When you see deductions in your salary, you wonder if you had taken leave in the previous month. Adding to the misery is when you get a random mail from the project manager asking for the latest time sheets. Only then you realize that you had forgotten to use that Excel template the last two weeks in a hurry to wind up the tasks every day.

I had worked in a company for a few months where there were simple and clear processes that enabled working from home a doable job. This company uses specific formats of emails to first allocate a resource on a project, and then assign a task in that project. When possible, the delivery manager sends the plan for the entire week to the resource. The timelines are realistic, not driven by any standard numbers. And when a project mail is sent, it does not come to you with a callout ‘All in your hands!’ The lead ID and project manager share responsibility and ownership of the base content and the storyboards I develop. Basically, nobody acts as a ‘mail delivery service’ under flamboyant job titles. My lead’s reviews actually inspired me. I saw how a simple screen was enhanced with smart ideas. The client’s feedback was not thrust on me, but interpreted as well knowing that I work remotely. And when I forget to enter the time sheet or mark my attendance, I will receive a reminder the very next day. My presence or absence from work was available on a reliable online database. Every day was being accounted for.

Occasionally, what starts as a work-related chat on Skype with my leads will end with how crazy the project is. There is the key! Knowing that there are people who think and feel the same way as you, and yet keep you on your toes to submit a good product made a positive change in my approach to work. After many years, I was willing to be part of a team and revel in its indomitable spirit.”

-Mrs. Anuradha Jayakumar, Content Author, WriteIT Solutions


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